The Dental division

NAD’s dental division remains the company’s core business with over 60 different lines, millions of dollars of inventory and a network of some of the biggest retailers in Canada, the United States and Europe. With a team of dedicated and skilled sales reps, NAD customers are guaranteed to receive excellent products and services.


The Consumer Division

The consumer division at NAD has been growing at a breakneck pace, becoming one of the company’s closely watched divisions for future growth. Over the years, the company’s sales reps have developed very close relationships with some of the biggest buyers in the U.S., solidifying its place as the choice company for major branded consumer items.


The Optical Division

NAD has in its inventory tens of thousands of units from respected high-end designer glasses brands. The company carries lenses as well as sunglasses and has a wide array of sales channels including major retailers and some of the biggest optical wholesalers. Given these diverse distribution platforms, it is no surprise that NAD is always steps ahead of its fiercest competitors.


The Consumer Division

Soon after launching its consumer goods division, NAD introduced yet another division for luxury goods, as its customers intensified their demand for more high-end items. Today, NAD has an ever-growing list of international suppliers that keep its stock of the highest quality luxury goods at the brim. Following the company’s established ethos and growth path, the luxury division has made NAD one of the top luxury goods wholesalers in North America.