About Us

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From the very beginning, North American Dental (NAD) showcased the verity of its commitment to excellent workmanship with every one of its undertakings. Started out of a basement in 2000, the company quickly grew to become the premier wholesale dental dealer in North America. In its early years, the company was run as a family business, but the founders, Nick and Joe Kalfa soon realized they needed outside talent to accommodate its exponential growth. Today, NAD has over 50 employees worldwide.

NAD's impressive growth trajectory typifies what can happen when determination, commitment and passion meet opportunity. Today, the company sources products from over 30 countries across the globe and sells them through its established network of retail distributors in Europe and North America. With a stock of over 20,000 SKU's made up of products from over 200 different manufacturers, NAD is undoubtedly the go-to wholesale distributor in the United States and Canada.

Now, almost halfway through its second decade of operations, North American Dental prides itself with its increasingly ubiquitous influence having opened offices in Europe, the United States, Israel and Canada and maintaining its warehouse facilities in multiple locations across Canada and the United States. This means that the company is uniquely positioned to grow its sales capabilities the world over in years to come.